Where do You Find Inspiration?

Finding inspiration is sometimes a journey. In the everydayness of life, it is hard to sort out the moments that are inspiring from the moments that are routine. Life gives you both. The gift is in recognizing where the inspiration resides.

I took this while in Belize, San Pedro. The locals call this bird the "Jesus Bird" for obvious reasons.
I took this while in Belize, San Pedro. The locals call this bird the “Jesus Bird” for obvious reasons.

I constantly think about this. When times are horrifically busy, I get lost in the bustle, like everyone else. But then I take a moment to walk. That’s when things always look up, quite literally. Looking up at the sky and observing the majesty of the clouds, the moon, the stars, always amazes me and reminds me that there’s more than the mundaneness. The ordinariness of an ordinary day. It lets me know that there is something, someone, greater than what we perceive to be important. And all you need to do to recalibrate is to simply look up.

Where do you find inspiration? Please leave me comments below and share this post. By the way, the bird in the picture for this post is affectionately called the “Jesus Bird” by the locals of Belize where it resides. Simply because it walks on water. Just an inspiring image to ponder.


Valentine’s Day Travel without Leaving Home


As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us may not have the money to travel to a romantic destination, but be encouraged, you can bring the destination to your home. This is just what I have to do this year. My husband and I have just had our first child and he is three months old. As you will learn from reading this blog, we had been blessed to have traveled to exotic international locations and have had spontaneous get-aways. Now we are adjusting to life with an infant and getting two hours alone, let alone traveling, is much more of an ordeal.

Creating a romantic travel destination at home is simple:

  1. Decide on your romantic location. Pick a location that you can create a romantic theme around. For instance, imagine that you are on a gondola in Italy. Or, perhaps you are on an art tour in Barcelona, Spain—choose a setting that speaks to your heart and inspires your creative and passionate side.
  2. Create a meal from the culture of your location. If you decide to transport your date to New Orleans, for example, then you might stew up a big pot of gumbo. Visit one a recipe site (i.e. www.allrecipes.com ) and learn how to serve up delicious food and big points with your loved one. Don’t forget about including a delicious dessert!
  3. Create the ambiance. Go ahead and download music reminiscent of your location’s culture. Using New Orleans as a theme again, giving inexpensive beads that can be picked up at any dollar or party store, will help to set the stage. You can also select many of the romantic and peppy jazz tunes to set the mood.
  4. Enjoy! I know that we will!

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