About Global Hands

During her travels, Ms. Reynolds met some of the world’s most extraordinary people in the most unsuspecting place. All of them had a unique story and a heart of service. Since folding her magazine, which focused on the extraordinary lives of ordinary people in 2009, Ms. Reynolds was re-inspired by the those she met while traveling to tell the stories of people impacting world change on a global level—beyond one’s community and usually one’s country. Global Hands was born out of this desire to heal and nurture the masses through storytelling.

The second phase of Global Hands will be to take disadvantaged youth on trips to other countries for service exchanges and cultural exploration. This is Global Hands way of building future leaders and global citizens in persons that would not have ordinarily have had the chance. An inaugural service trip is currently being planned. In 2014, Global Hands became a nonprofit entity (is still awaiting 501c3 status) so that Ms. Reynolds can invite others to donate to Global Hands’ cause.



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