“Children participating in the Ministerio Comedor y Educacion de Paz in Guatemala.”
“Children participating in the Ministerio Comedor y Educacion de Paz in Guatemala.”

Some twenty years ago, Myra Smith, a Baltimore, Maryland native felt the call to provide service in Guatemala. She packed her belongings, left family and friends, and answered the call, which first landed her in a children’s home in Chiquimula, Guatemala. When that facility closed, Smith ventured on to start her own ministry–one that has expanded and morphed into the multi-serviced mission that exists today. Global Hands International visited Smith to better understand her call, her journey, and how others can use her story as a model to contribute to the world’s improvement landscape on a global level. Donations can be made by emailing Smith at View the video of Smith’s interview below.

3 thoughts on “CHANGING GUATEMALA”

  1. The video interview portrays an excellent description of the ministry that Myra Smith is providing. Having been there several times to work with Myra, I can feel the heart and soul of the ministry and understsnd the desire to return. As was stated, it is all about being a servant. I encourage many to give to the ministry by sharing your talent, treasure and time. Keisha has produced a tremendous blessing using her talent. Our response should be to give financial and prayer support, and some to go to Guatemala and serve. Whatever you do, serve God by serving people He loves and gave Himself for. Thank you Keisha for your quality production. Thank you Myra for your servant spirit in action.

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