Inspirational Life Coaching

Ready for a Life Change?

Are you interested in making a spiritual, inspirational or international change in your life? Keisha offers the following inspirational life coaching packages. Work with her to begin changing your life!

Career Clarity Sessions (Package)- During these sessions, you will receive clarity on your life’s purpose and learn how to begin to use that knowledge to create a life you love. This package includes five, one-hour Skype or phone calls. You will be expected to complete several exercises that will help to surface your passion, focus your thoughts, and guide our conversations. The Clarity Sessions Package costs $400.00.

Career Clarity Sessions (Individual) – During these session you will receive clarity on your life’s purpose an learn how to use that knowledge to create a life you love. Since time will be limited, the session (s) will focus on a specific aspect of one’s career rather than a suite of discoveries (through exercises and talks) like those found in the package. The individual Clarity Sessions cost $100 per hour.

For a limited time, try a trial one-hour session at $50 per session, normally priced at $100 per hour. If you would like to purchase sessions, please email


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