Keeping Your Spiritual Awakening Alive

I believe a spiritual awakening is not a singular event. If we are lucky, and attuned, we will experience a myriad of moments that speak to our spirits and transform us throughout our lifetimes.

Last year, I visited Peru on a spiritual journey. I met a Shaman, practicing in Columbia, Maryland who organizes the annual trip (Harriet McMahon The plan was to visit sacred Peruvian sites while offering cleansing and healing ceremonies as well as many meditation opportunities. It did not disappoint. I visited ancient Inca civilization sites and felt the pure energy of mountains and lagoons while eating wholesome and delicious food in the clean, open air. My energy was vibrating and my intuitive tools were sharpened. I became “unplugged” in a number of ways and I became clearer about my life’s purpose. Life as I knew it before the trip would not be the same. Or at least I thought. IMG_3123

Slowly life went back to normal. I worried about money and reattached myself to consultant work that I knew wasn’t a good fit for me. Understandably, I worried about the bills –we need money to sustain our lifestyle. It is sad to feel the magic of an experience waning.

Then I realized that life is made up of moments. During the trip, I made the decision to focus on my spirituality, ask the big life questions, and view the world in a way that was mystical and surprising. It occurred to me that I could decide to bring the magic into my everyday life. And you can too.

I am not perfect and struggle with these items every day, but these are some actions that work for me.

Pray – I try to begin and end my days with prayer. Both are usually a thanks to my creator for having another day and a talk about what I’ve learned or need help solving.

Meditate – Perhaps my greatest tool and my greatest challenge. Morning meditation (for at least 15 minutes) helps me connect with my creator and allows answers to my life challenges to flow into my consciousness. Someone once said, and I agree, that prayer is when you talk to God and meditation is where he answers.

Walk – I like to take short walks, particularly if I can connect with nature. Although I am an extrovert, when I walk I can review the day and work through goals with myself. I also practice deep breathing during my walks, all life starts with the breath, and deep breathing actually recharges you.

Journal – I have always documented my life. Committing my thoughts to paper at least a few times a week helps to release the stresses or joys (energy) of everyday life. It also becomes my living record. It is fun to review your life at the end of a year.

Do you do any of these already? Or, do you plan to incorporate them into your life to keep you spiritual awakenings alive? Comment and let me know.