Reiki Anyone?

Have you ever tried Reiki? If not, you should consider giving it a try.

It’s a touch energy healing technique developed in Japan nearly a century ago. Reiki practitioners believe in healing oneself or others by using the infinite divine and universal energy found in all living creatures, sometimes known as Chi. It is similar to the familiar practices of Tai Chi or Qigong that use exercises to reestablish healthy energy flow to balance the body.

Last year, I started my journey in learning about the healing art of Reiki. I’ve practiced on many willing friends who reported feeling the lessening of pain areas or the brilliant flow of energy coursing through their bodies after a treatment. Again, Reiki can be used on all living creatures. I use it regularly on my plants, particularly one that droops easily and seems determined to die.  But after a healing session, my plant perks up and stays vibrant for longer and longer stretches of time, even if I forget to water it. 

The other day my Dad’s dog was ailing. For such a young dog (2 years old) she’s had a number of medical setbacks and surgeries that have resulted. I decided to do Reiki on her, which was difficult because it’s hard for her to sit still. Nevertheless, once she laid down I was able to place my hands on her body and send her loving energy. In much the way a massage therapist would feel physical knots in the body, similarly, a Reiki practitioner can feel energy knots in the body caused by pain and misalignments. As I unknowingly felt along the dog’s body, I could feel an energy cluster near her hind legs. Once there the dog actually let out a huge sigh and wrapped her neck around one of my arms. It was an indication she was experiencing relief. My father informed me that was the area where her surgery had taken place. I am new to this healing technique but I am often pleasantly surprised at the healing and relief it seems to bring. Also, some hospitals, like the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, now include Reiki as part of its in-hospital healing regiment for patients, if they would like it. If you haven’t already, check it out.

I would be glad to answer any questions you have about Reiki and if I cannot answer them, I will engage my teacher for answers. Do you have a self-healing technique that works for you? I’d love to hear about it in my comments section!