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Keisha Reynolds is a mother, wife, author and friend and has a high regard for each role. She authored poetry at age 7, before she knew what poetry was, and leveraged that budding interest in speaking and writing into a successful 18-year career in the communications field. Throughout her career she mastered strategic communications, crisis communications, branding, event planning, speech writing and more for federal clients throughout various industries. She freelanced for local newspapers and nationally known ones, including the Baltimore Sun.  Ms. Reynolds has earned numerous awards and accreditations. Most recently, she was inducted into the National Leadership Honor Society in 2013 and received a certificate in Change Management from Georgetown University in 2011, after graduating from a six-month course.

Service and travel remain prevalent themes in Ms. Reynolds life. In 2010, she had the pleasure of completing an international internship with the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) in East Africa, Tanzania. In addition to volunteering at a local orphanage where she helped teach English, she worked with the community to erect two community gardens, in addition to helping coffee farmers market their business. Ms. Reynolds was tapped by JGI to conduct a series of communications workshops with internal staff that resulted in programmatic changes that were made based on her report. Ms. Reynolds also had the pleasure of visiting countries from four other continents where her love of the world’s people and cultures blossomed.

Ms. Reynolds has volunteered at the Agape House in Baltimore City, Maryland since the age of 12. She is still an active God Mother and mentor to a then, six-year old child she met there, whom is now 27. During her childhood years, Ms. Reynolds was raised in a house with foster brothers and sisters–her parents way of helping the plight of underrepresented youth. This was important to the family since Ms. Reynolds’ mother herself was adopted. It was within this energy that Ms. Reynolds developed her philanthropic spirit and grew to view giving back as a way of life. Global Hands is simply an extension of Ms. Reynolds’ upbringing, life and purpose.


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