Three Travel Destinations for Your Spirit

Have you ever traveled somewhere that electrified you? Made you feel like new?

If so, that’s what it’s all about. And, that’s what traveling is for me—spiritual. It’s a time when I let loose, let wonder, and let exploration consume me. A new sun rise, a new landscape, a new orange-streaked nightfall—all recharge my spirit and put me in deeper touch with the creator.

When I travel I feel like I am a student of the world. In addition to the fascinating people and the way they relate to, and interact with one another, I love the breathtaking landscapes and the unique energy of a place. I have been fortunate to visit many countries, and among them, here is my list of soul-stirring, must-sees:

1. Lake Atitlan – Located in Guatemala, this is the most sacred of locations for me. The lake sits 5,125 feet above sea level and 50 square miles wide. It is surrounded by three volcanoes, sweeping mountains and tree-trimmed, grassy terrains. There are seven Mayan towns that surround the lake and it is mainly regarded as sacred from the villagers as well. When you arrive by boat to any location surrounding the lake, you can feel a shift. Time and worry no longer matter. You are in a healing place and victory over life’s challenges is yours just by inhaling the scene around you. Lake Atitlan is the picture of inspiration; it is a place that will truly speak to your heart.IMG_0967

2. Machu Picchu – Located in Peru, people travel to this destination from all over the world. It is a 15th century Inca site, located approximately 7,000 feet above sea level, mainly on mountains. The site contains ancient temples, sleeping quarters, calendars and many statue and carving symbols that were sacred to the Inca, like the puma. Amongst the relics of the ancient civilization, there are many places to tuck away to pray and meditate. Many meditation groups can be groups can be found in scenic areas overlooking the land below. Here, you may get the feeling, as I did, that the Inca’s with their knowledge of the stars and their beliefs of the different levels to life, knew far more about the nature of the universe than we would ever know in modern times. This is a place of wonderment and wisdom.IMG_2779

3. Maji Moto, Arusha (Natural Hot spring) – Located in Tanzania, this site defies belief in that it is about an acre oasis, lush with trees, vegetation, birds and warm, aqua-blue waters, juxtaposed amongst a vast desert-like area. It is quite surprising when you arrive although quite difficult for the average tourist to venture there. If you go to visit from Moshi like I did, the last leg of the journey has to be made from the spring’s closet town to the remote location. There are people on motorcycles that let you purchase a ride. Simply put—this place is magical. It is quite an unexpected surprise amongst an otherwise desolate terrain.



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